Thursday, August 14, 2014

I'm off to find a pet Giraffe

Hello there cyber friends!

It's almost been two years since I last posted, and although I originally intended this blog to be only focused on my traveling adventures in Italy, I decided to expand it and revive it to include my other adventures abroad!

As many of you know, my next stop is going to be in Arusha, Tanzania, where I will be living for 6 months. I just got back from a missions trip in Skid Row through the Los Angeles Urban Project, and now I'm about to jump right back into fundraising. So yeah, life is kind of daunting right now especially since I just graduated and am currently floundering around Los Angeles. In many ways I feel like a little fish that has been tossed into a big ocean of sharks. And right now this little fish is headed towards East Africa, to the land of Giraffes and Lions and really tall mountains.

my really awesome LAUP team
In my preparation with PAOC, my sending organization, and Pamoja Ministries, the media team whom I will be working with, I realized that I really don't know much about Tanzania. I googled a few images of Tanzania, and this is most of what I came up with:

There have also been a surprising number of giraffe pictures, so I don't know what that means, maybe I'll come back to LA with a pet giraffe or something. After all, I just googled this and discovered that the giraffe is Tanzania's national animal! Cool!

Regardless, it's clear that I need to do my homework on Tanzania, and I have a long laundry list of paperwork to do, vaccinations, fundraising, etc. etc. Because everything is still up in the air, and Africa is such a foreign place to me, I still haven't gotten it in my head that I will be halfway around the world, animating, wrapping my head around Swahili, and being a real mid-term missionary in a few months! 

I know it's early and I don't have much set up yet, but dear internet friends, please be praying for me and for the trip! There is a lot that I don't know and many challenges that I still have to face. But I'm excited to embark on another adventure again, this time in Africa- and I know that this is where God has called me to, right now. A friend of mine once told me that God's calling is where your passion and a need intersect, and right now it's intersecting in Arusha, Tanzania. 

peace out homies! 

p.s. I am just getting everything set up this week, so be on the lookout for a support letter and donation links!