Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Post Grad and Pre Tanzania Thoughts

Hmmm, so much has happened within the past few months that I am not sure where to begin. I’m currently sitting near a coffeeshop by the Walt Disney Concert hall typing out my thoughts, and it is strange to think that in barely a little more than a month I should be hopping on the plane to somewhere far, far away-

my view of the Disney Concert Hall in downtown LA
Like Arusha, Tanzania! Although I am trying my best, I don’t know how well I am actually balancing post-grad life, a new relationship, and preparing for a 6 month trip to a very foreign country. Throw in a cousin’s wedding in Toronto, wisdom teeth surgery, couch surfing for months, illustrating a children’s book, and fundraising for more than 10k, and you have a very curious mix of what has been my life for the past 3 months.

sharing about my trip at CAC in North Carolina :)
By far the most challenging aspect of post-grad life and transitioning thus far is maintaining my faith and keeping a steady grip on my beliefs. Without my community of ADX, Intervarsity, and the safe student bubble of USC, it is difficult to remain disciplined and on the move- much less constant in my spiritual walk. It is too easy for me to become so focused on my missions trip to Tanzania that I forget the purpose behind it- which is to spread the hope and love found in Jesus.

derping with my (not so) baby cousin in Toronto
Then again, I think that just goes to show how we live in a society that forces us to work so hard we forget what our original dream was. I guess, when it comes down to it all, I need to keep remembering that my going to Tanzania is a step in faith, trusting that for whatever reason, God has called me to Tanzania right now.
finally settled down (a little) in San Diego with some tea, cakes and fruits
In the midst of all this transition though, I have really grown to appreciate the relationships and mentors who have helped me hold on to who I knew myself to be creative, driven, with strong beliefs and occasionally quite spontaneous and random in my preferences.

Prayer requests in the next month include prayers for my safety in Tanzania, fundraising (currently at a little over 50%), and a steady walk with Jesus.

<3 Kayee

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